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Day 90 of 365

Bang & Boom

Today's adventure was two fold. I'm not even going to pretend that these two adventures weren't out of my box but completely amazing. The first adventure involved a trek through the woods riding on a four wheeler. I've ridden motorcycles before but I've never driven a quad and certainly not through the amazing property we were on today. I had such a fun time.

Don't make fun because I'm pretty sure I didn't go over 15 mph. It didn't really matter because the ground was muddy and I had a flight to catch home from Texas. I didn't have time to take a shower so mud baths were not on the menu.

My kid and I rode for about an hour, following my brother-in-law through the trails. Nature in "somewhere Texas" was stunning and the little river flowing through made me want to drop a hook and go fishing. If I had one more day I'd still be there.

I will admit that I was content to bask in the joy of overcoming my fear of the four-wheeler. Then the big gun came out. Some of you might know that I spent a bit of time training for law enforcement. I've handled firearms before but when I chose to become a mom I chose not to have guns. I'm not against them I just didn't want them around. It's really the first thing we learned in the academy, as a cop you're bringing a gun to the scene. I didn't want them around the "scene" of my home.

That said, it doesn't mean that I don't know how to handle a gun and I think I surprised the people I was shooting with today. I fired that AR-15 like a pro and had a smile on my face when I was done. When I was in school we trained with 12 gauge shotguns and 38's. I chose not to have anything else. When I was a child we shot at clay birds. I remember my first time and how the recoil knocked me on my ass. That was not the case today. I hit my targets and one of them launched in to the air.

Day 90 was a score! I'd like to do both again.

Love & Light

I planted my #365rockdays rock

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