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Day 88 of 365

Face to face it's a new day.

When I was 3 years old I met a girl. Her name was Michelle. We played together every chance we got and lived through 100's of firsts, until the day she moved away. I don't think I ever got over the loss of her. As friendships go we were the best even when we grew to become teenage girls. We had no control over the physical distance between us but we tried hard to prevent the emotional space.

As teens we spent our summers together. I don't know how my parents did it but they flew me halfway across the country. She and I camped out watching movies, playing air guitars, laying in the hot sun and just being together.

On the 88th day of my 365 adventures I finally got to meet the mini version of my best childhood friend. She's about the age that Michelle and I were when we started our mischievous adventures. As we sat around the table I couldn't help but remember growing up with someone who knew me so well. I also felt a deep sadness for the passing of time and the changes that came between us.

I'm not too proud to admit that a long time ago hurt feelings got in the way of this amazing relationship, I'm human. I am also not too proud to ask for forgiveness. There has always been a very deep love, even through the hard times. I can't undo, or go back and even if I could, I wouldn't. We have both become amazing human beings in our time apart.

I'm a very firm believer in the power of forgiveness. I also believe that if it wasn't for the journey of the last 87 days my heart might not have reached out. We had an amazing time and the extraordinary child she is raising reminded me to be in the moment and to value right now.

I'm very grateful for this 88th day.

Love & Light

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