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Day 84 of 365


It's more of a chop.

Day 84 was something very special. In the last week I've spent a lot of time learning to make and use new tools. My inability to overcome fear has kept me from making a knife. Fear doesn't just go away, it fades as mystery becomes knowledge and apprehension turns in to experience.

I had no idea when I started this personal challenge that I would come to discover I had so many fears. It is humbling.

Today I spent most of my time assembling and using parts from previous challenges. My micarta experience turned in to knife handles. My angle grinder skills helped me to cut and shape the beautiful blade that I'm chopping apples with tonight.

I learned so much about power tools I never thought I'd be comfortable with. I do feel empowered and believe anything is possible but I had to be willing to make messes and mistakes.

I made one tiny mistake today. I forgot that the edge of my knife was sharp when I was doing the finish polish on my handle. Super glue was created to close wounds on the battlefield. My kitchen isn't a war zone but today that miracle adhesive stopped the bleeding.

When all was said and done this blade has the weight of a small cleaver but the edge of a carving knife. I'm proud of this experience and I was so happy to keep all of the maker's markings from the original piece we started with. I hope you like it grandpa.

Day 84 was one I'd do a thousand times.

Love & Light

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