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Day 81 of 365

It finally snowed in Wisconsin last night. I had plans to do a new project today but instead I broke out the materials to make myself a no-sew blanket. I will admit that the reason I've never made one of these before is that I don't really like them.

I was shopping the other day and I saw these little throw blankets. I felt the material and although it was soft there wasn't much substance to them. Ding! DIng! brilliant idea.

I bought two of them and cut off the edging with the idea that I could tie this all together and have an adorable blanket for when my feet get cold. Anyone who has visited my house will know that I keep it as close to 60 degrees as possible. I find that it weeds out the weak and keeps away the riff raff.

Back to the blanket... how hard could this no-sew project be? I mean really, NO SEWING!

It's not complicated at all but because the fabric is so stretchy it didn't come out perfect when I hit those corners. My first one bubbled up and I fought the material for a while until I decided that first times aren't always perfect. I just let it go and tied an endless amount of knots.

As much as that angle grinder scared me yesterday, I enjoyed it more than making this blanket. Working with fabric just isn't my thing. KUDOS to all of you who can sew and quilt. It's day 81 and you know by now patience is just not my thing.

As adventures go this one falls short. I finished tying it all together but it's child sized now and maybe

only large enough for my feet.

Day 81... it's a wrap.

Love & Light

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