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Day 78 of 365

First Person Shooter

When I was a kid the first video game that we had was called pong. It was literally a square that bounced back and forth on the screen and each opponent tried to deflect it at the other. It was ping pong but it was on the television. I remember feeling like nothing would be greater than this.

A few years later my family got the Atari 2600 and we had Pac Man and Space Invaders and I was beyond excited when I got a chance to play. My father built tables for the joystick controllers to mount to and he became the Pac Man champ of the house. It was the next level of technology that felt like the top of the heap.

Not too long after Atari the Commodore Vic 20 entered my home and suddenly I was making characters fly across our TV screen. I was the luckiest kid alive and when I think back on it I wonder how my parents could afford these high tech toys on our very limited family income. I never wondered as a child, somehow we always had enough.

Fast forward to December 6, 2017 and my wrist watch has more technology than that 1980's tv and gaming system combined. It's something to think about as I turn on the Playstation 4 to try my very first "First Person" shooter game.

I've held off playing this for so long because I hate shooting games. I've always thought the purpose was to use the other team players as targets.

On day 78 I tried to play one of these games. Rainbow Six Siege is the name of this one and my goal was to eliminate 9 enemies. This was a training level. I didn't even make it in to the actual game part of the game. I spent well over an hour trying to steer my gun so it would follow my body. The blood spatter from my virtual flesh kept spraying all over the obstacle course. I hadn't even made it inside the room of the training level. I seriously could not steer my guy.

As video games go for me this is ZERO fun. Back in the days of Pac Man we had four directions and a trigger button. In the age of Playstation 4 you have two joysticks moving in 8 directions, eight buttons and four triggers. It's no wonder I can't get my character to walk in a straight line.

After being shot, blowing up and dying in so many ways I decided I'd had enough of this one. I'm a Tetris kind of gal, four directions and a button. I don't really need much more.

Day 78 was definitely a one and done experience.

Love & so very much light

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