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Day 75 of 365

Losing fear and cutting up

It's the third of December and 55 degrees here in Wisconsin. Five days ago I chopped down a pretty huge tree. On day 75 I need to clean this mess up. One tool essential to getting the job done... a chainsaw.

I'll admit that I've put off using one for so long because they scare the crap out of me. I've watched videos of crazy people who cut more than trees or branches when using this powerful tool.

The set-up for the day was pretty simple. Check oil, gas it up and let's go. I've been using a gas weed trimmer for years so I understand the process of starting the machine. With some help I get this beast running and it's time to lose the fear and cut it up.

From the moment I touch the downed tree I don't like the power of this saw. It pulls me toward my cut and I feel like I'm fighting as I move it up. I know to cut from the bottom first so that when I make the top cut the log will fall away and not pinch the

blade. This works perfectly and in a few minutes I've got a small pile of logs at my feet.

I think this is where I should mention steel toe shoes. I bought myself a pair about eight years ago and I won't even cut grass without wearing them. Fortunately nothing hit my foot during this adventure.

I had a nice little pile of logs before my arms were too tired to continue safely. Maybe it's fear or just a healthy respect for the power this saw has to take my body apart, but when I was tired I was also done. My youngest kid was happy to have a chance to rip this tree apart. We made a pile of the logs and felt pretty satisfied with a job well done.

Day 75 and another fear falls away.

Love & Light

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