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Day 72 of 365

Yarn and a niddy noddy.

When I bought my drop spindle a few weeks ago I knew exactly what I was going to do. I wanted to make yarn and I wanted to incorporate the fur from our beautiful dog Jake. He was the most amazing Siberian husky and I loved him very much.

Jake became sick very suddenly. My kid started collecting fur every time he brushed the dog and saved up quite a pile. I used as much as I could in this first adventure in spinning.

What I didn’t know at the time was that spinning was just the first part of the experience.

Today I built a nitty notty which is a contraption for finishing this yarn. With about $3.00 worth of PVC pipe I constructed the nitty notty and started winding my material around it. With the yarn secured to the device I soaked the entire thing in warm water for about ten minutes. The idea is to lock it all in place and keep it from unwinding. For the next half hour I beat the twisted skein against a dry towel to get all of the excess water out.

It would have been more fun if my arms didn't still hurt from chopping down that tree.

Don't get excited yet because that pile of wet yarn needs to dry so everything locks together.

I added weight to the wet skein and hung it up to dry. This is the patience part.

Something very interesting happened once that yarn got wet. Our oldest cat, Jakes good animal buddy, started sniffing at the material. I'm not sure if the dog's scent was suddenly stronger but our cat was intrigued and it was a little bit sad.

As adventures go this one was fun. I liked the idea that adding Jake's fur will make the yarn and whatever I use it for something special.

Day 72 was another success

Love & Light

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