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Day 69 of 365

Kama Sutra

Ha! Did I get your attention?

Day 69 did not include the Indian Hindu book of love but it did involve twisting, spinning and winding around and around. Today I turned a big pile of wool and fur into yarn.

This time last year we said goodbye to our sweet dog Jake. He was the most beautiful beast of a Siberian Husky and an important part of our family. I still miss him very much. He was a rescue and came to us eighteen years ago. He had one blue eye and one brown and was frightening at first glance. That night he came to us I was afraid but it only took one day and we knew he was home. He didn't play fetch or catch a frisbee but he did one thing very well. He shed like a monster.

Our youngest kid was Jake's best friend. They were constant companions and every change of season when Jake's winter coat fell out, our youngest would collect that fur with the intention of making something from it.

Today I decided to accomplish his goal. I purchased a drop spindle which is a device used to spin fiber material into yarn. It's a tiny bit more complicated than I thought it would be and after about three hours of focused spinning I might have about 5 yards of yarn. I'm calling it yarn because as I wrapped it around the spindle it did appear to look like something you could make a itty bitty scarf from. I had hoped it might make a hat, so this could take a while.

Once I figured out the technique I felt like I was making good progress. The problem is that the fur doesn't mix in well. I bought the smallest carding combs on the planet mostly because they were very inexpensive. I'm pretty sure this isn't the hobby of my dreams and I'm going to retire my drop spindle once I run out of fur.

Day 69 had a few twists.

Love & Light

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