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Day 66 of 365

I survived black Friday shopping by spending time with my kids again.

They are masters of so many things and I can't imagine where they got that from.

Today I got to add some pretty cool features to my miniature killing machines. In my head I was just finishing up an experience but my son assured me that this was going to be pretty involved and that it's a separate skill all together. I was a tiny bit skeptical but I'm all in now.

If you've been following my miniature building adventures you'll know that I built them on Day 31 and I painted them on Day 64. So on day 66 they will finally be complete and ready to use as imaginary

killing machines to devastate my opponents. I know you can't wait to read about that adventure!

Today's process included sand and grass. Not the fun kind of grass. This is micro green itchy stuff that you might have slipped down the back of an enemy in the 4th grade.

If you had any.

I started by gluing the base of the figure and dipping it into the very fine sand. When you think of the scale of these guys you'll understand why the fine sand looks like rock under their feet. It's pretty wonderful and I love the process. It did take the better half of the morning doing the gravel and grass but to finish them off we added decals to the shoulders. I really don't know why. My kid tried to explain it but for some reason it went in and went out. I'm not sure I'll be very good at the actual gaming part of the wargaming experience.

Once all of the glue and water dried I had to spray my mini guys with a spray that makes them not shiny.

Fighting machines aren't shiny.

Day 66 makes things complete.

Love & Light

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