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Day 65 of 365

Thanksgiving 2017 and it's the 65th day of this adventure. Our family of four is back in the same house and I've got a sense of gratitude, also I hear the sounds of grown men behaving like children and it's music to my ears.

My youngest man-child is home from traveling with the Renaissance faire and he brought new toys with him. If you know my kids you are aware of their obsession with Star Wars and light saber dueling. My youngest kid brought home man-child Light sabers and the battles haven't stopped, neither have the whooshing sounds these electronic swords make.

When my kids were in Karate they learned 10 step. It's a stick fighting technique that I've watched 1000's of times but never tried because sticks and stones break bones. I'm smart that way.

Today's adventure was learning all 10 steps but with a twist; we are using lightsabers instead of sticks. Something you should know, just minutes before teaching me, the two kids epically dueled and there were ice packs involved. I decided I should wear gloves and a helmet. You should enjoy the pictures and

the video. I love my family and the support they are giving me through this 365 day adventure.

Day 65 was amazing. Watch the video. At 4:25 the kids show you how it's done.

Love & Light

This is how amazing it looks at night. My kids are so great.

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