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Day 60 of 365


Today's adventure has been an experience.

This is my very first time hanging durock cement board. I know it's hard to believe but over the next few days I'm about to do work that I've never done before and I'm solidly STOKED!

Today, working with great teachers, we laid the foundation for doing the tile in my new shower. I didn't get to use the exciting power tools that have taken residence in my garage but it's coming. You're about to experience awesome. Setting the foundation included putting down the rubber floor for the shower. We also cut and placed and the cement board. Some of you might find this adventure dull but I've been waiting weeks to do this!

I'll admit I wasn't part of the supply-gettin' but that seems less important right now. My new shower has a very basic layout and all of the cuts are on the same wall. We managed to get it all in place so that tomorrow's experience will happen. Just wait, it's going to be amazing.

What a great 60th day.

Love & Light

I had to plant a #365rockdays rock in the wall for future generations.

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