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Day 51 of 365

Reading the lines

Today started out as an adventure in forgetting things. Even though I wasn't working today, I was still required to be on the go early in the morning. The worst part is I was hurrying around with the ultimate goal of sitting and waiting. I can't explain the reasons for all the down time but you’ll understand soon enough.

Today I spent time exploring the world of palmistry. This is where the reading between the lines comes in. Like so many other experiences this one has been on my mind for ages. I’ve never had my fortune told, been to a psychic or a tarot card reading but I’ve always wanted to. I’m just curious that way.

I’ve owned this book on palm reading for a very long time. I bought it with the idea that one day I would figure it out. Welcome to experience number 51.

I cracked open the book and in the quiet space I read through the first four chapters. The entire time looking back and forth from the pages to the palm of my hand.

There is a science to this. I’m actually pretty surprised as I continue to read. The author says,”If it’s large on you hand, it’s large in your life.” I’ve never looked so closely at my palm before.

I’m not saying I’m an expert, but according to the shape of my hand, reading the lines and looking at my unique features, I’m creative, like to communicate and really enjoy spending time alone. I’m thinking my palm knows a few things.

To be honest I've summed up this reading a lot. It's pretty involved and there are so many aspects to consider all while I’m actually staring at my palm in public. The lighting in the room is horrible so I can’t actually look at all of my fingerprints, but the ones I can see just confirm my courageous and creative self.

Busy hand or Peaceful hand Day 51 was educational and self affirming.

Love & Light

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