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Day 49 of 365

Day 49 started pretty early. I woke up with no idea for the day. My plate is a little full and as I started this 365 day adventure I found all of these amazing opportunities have also happened. I have to keep them quiet but you'll find out soon enough. So many new experiences.

As I rolled out of bed and stumbled to the life-force that nourishes my brain, ie. the coffee pot, I walked around wondering what my adventure might be today. Then I saw it. My amazing rotting piece of fruit. I once wrote a poetry piece about rotten fruit as a metaphor for life. No idea where it ended up.

Anyway, sitting on my counter is a beautiful ripening plantain. Noone will ask why. In the next 316 days I imagine I'll have all sorts of festering things in my house. I guess I already do so I'll keep piling them on.

The plantain was purchased last week with the idea that I would bake it or fry it but if felt boring as heck so every day I looked at that piece of fruit as a challenge. I'm not being dramatic but I wanted this to really be great.

I went back to the coffee pot (it has a staring role) poured a big Wonder Woman mug and went to the refrigerator to get my coconut milk creamer. I opened the door and I saw it. Maple Syrup. What goes best with that? PANCAKES!!!

Yep, this morning on day 49 I made plantain cakes. One ingredient blended plantain. I did a google search on the nutritional value of this fruit. It's pretty high in sugar so I'm drinking water for the rest of the day. 100grams is about 100 calories. The sugar calorie balance is off the charts so if you're getting ready for a workout this monster cake will hook you up. I made one single 6 inch cake. I prepared the fruit by blending it in the ninja. Yep that's the same one I use for making paper. Don't worry, it's clean.

I took this thick liquid and poured it right in the small sauce pan and on medium het let it brown. It took a long time to become solid enough to hold form but once it did it was easy to do a one hand flip to turn it over. I cooked it until it had a nice crisp edge. My house smells like caramelized sugar. This

sucker is dense as hell and I had a very difficult time finishing it. If I made them again I'd do small silver dollar size and maybe top it with some fresh goat cheese to cut the sweetness.

Super delicious day 49.

Love & Light

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