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Day 45 of 365


Day 45 was all about putting down a floor.

We've been doing all kinds of repairs to our house and today we had to put down a new floor. I chose a product called Lifeproof Rigid core vinyl plank flooring. When I asked my brother in law to help me with this experience, I said, "We should have it done in a few hours."

NOPE! That's why I'm posting this blog at 11:15 pm on Friday night. I did not take a few hours. It took

about 5.

Setting the first pieces required a bit of cutting and planning. Once that was done it was just a matter of laying it out so that the boards looked random and rustic. The style we chose has an appearance of old barn wood. It's really beautiful and works well in the small space.

Most of the cutting was done with a Dremel multitool and was so simple.

The thing is, I wanted to get the ceiling painted before the floor went in. I ran out of paint for the walls and had to get more so I could do the ceiling. It turned in to a drive around the countryside buying what I should have and rushing to get it done on time.

The paint isn't finished. It feels like everything is half finished so I had to make this floor happen!

I think it turned out beautiful.

Day 45 was an adventure I can enjoy for a very long time.

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