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Day 43 of 365

Monkey fists

I'm just going to admit right now that my house looks like someone had a bad case of craft store and vomited all over. I've also determined that I love doing the projects that come with all of these new experiences.

I've got the biggest stack of home made paper you can imagine. I had intended to do about a dozen sheets but I really like making it and might just have to turn this in to another adventure.

I've got a second batch of mushrooms growing in my basement and I'm so excited to cook those with some delicious goat cheese that I've preserved in my freezer. It feels like I've become a "prepper" for the apocalypse but that's not what I intended. I can however, build a bow and make arrows. there might be something to this.

Todays challenge and experience was to tie a Monkey Fist knot. Maybe you know what it is but some of you might not. HA! see what I did there?

Why a monkey fist? I wanted to make a useful knot that would also work for a future adventure. The origin of this knot is a self defense item. When you see ninja's throw that cord with the balls on the end, those are monkey fists.

The process for tying them isn't complicated and since I didn't have any marbles or ball bearings I used a simple knot of cord as my core. You can use your fingers as a jig to wrap and tie this knot. Three passes in three directions and a little cinching and you've got a Monkey fist. I might have had a great time making these and there may or may not be monkey fists all over my kitchen counter. I have a variety of colors too. Lucky I caught the craft fluenza.

Day 43 was another success.

Love & Light

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