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Day 41 of 365

It's been days but we have kombucha!

Back on the 6th day of this adventure I started growing a SCOBY so that I could brew my own kombucha. I waited a few weeks for the SCOBY to grow. It was pretty thick and ready to move on to fermenting the actual drink. I transferred the initial liquid in to jars and added some fruit juice. I actually used fresh purple grapes and disintegrated them in the NINJA blender. I strained out all of the clumps and set it in a dark place to grow some more.

It's been 10 days since the transfer and I opened up my grape Kombucha and it wasn't horrible!! I'll be totally honest it's just like vinegar but grape-ish. That's what it tastes like when I spend $4 for an 8 ounce bottle. I consider this a win!! I strained each jar to keep out any chucks that might have settled during fermentation. This is not a drink you should guzzle and it certainly tastes like is should be good for you.

Since my little jars created some beautiful mini SCOBY I am brewing up another batch. It should be ready in about a week and anyone interested in a taste should let me know.

Here's to your gut health.

Day 41 was tangy.

Love & Light

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