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Day 40 of 365

The numbers game

Today was an adventure in numbers. Have you ever looked at the clock and 11:11 comes up? It seems to happen all of the time and I've wanted to understand if there's a higher meaning to it.

My plan of attack was to sit down and read the mysterious ancient secret of numerology. Don't laugh, it's a thing and science and math are involved. The part that surprises me most is the religious connection to numerology. The Hebriac Kabbalah teaches a very simple system and that's what I read about.

It turns out I've been doing the number calculating my entire life and never knew it. There's this thing called fortunate numbers which come up for some of us often, like 11:11.

If you're looking for something in 1111 you could do a couple of things. Obviously two 11's or you could add the 1's to make 4. You could add 1+1 twice to come up with 22 so your fortunate numbers might be 11, 4, 22. Just as an example.

Why do I care? Numbers fascinate me. I just wanted to know if there's a deeper meaning. I'll be honest, this shit is complicated and more than I can absorb in one day. What I learned is that the alphabet has single numbers 1-9 associated with each letter. If you sort through all of it you can find the numeric equivalent to your written name. It's Math people!

My name number calculates to a 9. In the summary of significance it is a number of dominance, efficiency, consciousness and humanitarianism. I suppose it's time to honor those parts of myself. There is so much more and I won't bore you but if you can't find me its because my math got tangled up in my alphabet and I couldn't escape.

Day 40, is a 4+0=4 which is a great destiny number. How appropriate!

Love & Light

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