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Day 39 of 365

Busting it up- Stones are the bones of the Earth.

My 39th day is an adventure through the Ohio renaissance festival. I was pretty sure I was going to experience something new but I had no idea there was going to be snow on the way to the Faire.

When we went to bed last night the weather said cold and rainy. In Wisconsin there is very little chance of snow before Labor Day weekend so I've never worried about that when I'm lacing up that corset. Ha, as if!

When we woke up this morning the rain was turning in to snow. The back window of the car had a nice cover of flakes. I'm sure that this is not Ren Faire weather and I'm only going because my adorable youngest kid works there.

As we walked through the venue I was excited to see a very welcoming sign that read, "Stones are the bones of the earth. " I knew this was where my adventure had to take place. The store was a rock shop but it was unique. They sell unopened geodes. Oh yes, I went to Ohio Renaissance Faire and I got a rock. This is some absolutely amazing adventuring going on here. I have never opened a geode before. I sorted through the tables of round stones looking for the perfect one. The shop owner came over to school me in the ways of stone selection. Since I knew what my price range was I let him explain what might be on the inside based on the color and markings on the outside. His disclaimer: I'm not always right but I guarantee you'll like it.

I had a choice on how we cracked this rock. Either the jaws of a dragon or the guillotine. I chose the second because who wouldn't want to see a rock cut that way.

Since I'm using pressure to split the geode the whole operation is slightly dangerous and they wrap the mechanism in a towel to keep us all from getting ripped apart by flying geode shrapnel. It only takes a few seconds and the rock pops open. The funniest part is the shop owner shows my geode to all of the people standing in the crowd before he shows it to me. Cute and totally worth the wait.

Day 39 was certainly an experience.

Love & Light

I planted rock 39 for my #365rockdays

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