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Day 36 of 365

Day 36 and the fruit of a Dragon.

Okay, it's not the fruit of a dragon but it is the fruit that looks like something a dragon might cough up if it was choking.

I decided I needed to eat this fruit at some point in the experience. If you go back over the last 36 days I've got quite the delicious fruit salad going.

When I cut this fruit open I was surprised it was white on the inside. It's such a contrast to the fiery magenta on the outside. It looks like a kiwi but its firm and not as slimy.

It tastes amazing. It's sweet and the tiny seeds add a crunch to it. If you see this fruit in the grocery store pick one up. They are super delicious.

A tiny side note: the dragon fruit is full of vitamins but its also light and super refreshing. I wonder what it would be like frozen? I'll let you know.

Day 36 was yummy and my new favorite fruit.

Love & Light

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