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Day 35 of 365

Day 35 was wild!

My 35th day included Bison, alpaca, llamas and bucket loads of other wild beasts. Believe it or not there is a Safari almost in my own backyard. I got a ticket for a rainy day adventure and little did I know it was going to be more amazing than I ever expected.

If you haven't heard of the Safari Lake Geneva, you have now. It's a very cool drive through safari. On a busy day you'd be in an open trailer having the most amazing time filling the bellies of very eager wild animals. I happened to be the only one for the 1:00pm time slot so I got a VIP experience.

We hopped in the massive 4WD pickup truck and sloshed through the gooey trails. I was totally spoiled in the front seat of the truck where it was very warm. Once we entered the gates of the protected area the creatures came running. If you've ever watched a movie where big beasty animals step in front of a car you might have thought, just honk or keep driving. Totally impossible! These big animals control the roads. As we drove through the safari it felt like the world faded away and I was there with these amazing animals. I felt so small. When you book your safari it comes with a can of food to give to the animals. In the open wagon they will come right up to the sides. Your kids will have the best time.

The Safari Lake Geneva is dressed up with huts and exotic animals you will love to see. I'm so glad I journeyed out into the wild of Wisconsin to experience this adventure. I'm sure all of you who have had true African safari experiences will find it a little less exciting but I was happy to have huge horned yak and Ankole-Watusi cattle came charging at the truck. The animals are pretty cool when they are bumping up against the vehicle. The park is open for visits until October 31st and will open again in the spring of 2018. Go have an adventure. It's pretty wonderful.

I planted my #365rockdays rock just before leaving.

Day 35 was perfectly wild!

Love & Light

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