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Day 30 of 365

Day 30 and poetry.

Finally-the poem

In May of 2017 I published my first book of poetry, "Immortal Human Truth." This was a labor of Love and a very honest exploration of who I am, past and present. I've written poetry my entire life not all of it fit to be published but revelatory none the less.

A friend posted about an opportunity for me to share my poetry on a nature trail. I loved the idea and although my pieces aren't about nature, I use my nature photography in most of the them.

Today's adventure was a poetry walk. It was at a beautiful nature reserve very close to Racine, WI and this time it was creeper-free.

30th #365rockdays rock planted

I arrived with a few printed poems and set out on the trail. I planted my 30th #365rockdays rock and posted three poems at random locations along the hiking trails. I put up "Finally" from page 59. It's the one with the eyeball on the tree and I hope that no child gets freaked out. I thought it looked so amazing in the forest. I also put up "What if" which is from page 19. I really liked the bright yellow dandelion image in the trees. The last poem I posted was "Spine." This is a personal favorite from page 65 in "Immortal Human Truth." It reminds my of my youngest child who just launched himself out in to the world.

It was a beautiful day and I stopped to enjoy a few poems that had been planted by other authors. It's a fabulous way to share written work, tangled among the branches and fallen leaves. If you get a chance, go take a hike and plant a poem in the trees. If you don't write just read them. Your heart might just get a boost.

Day 30 was good for my heart.

Love & Light

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