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Day 29 of 365

Take a hike? Find someplace new to explore?

I had a plan to do something fun and after a little exploring was surprised to find a park restoration project practically in my back yard. Not only that, but there were hiking trails and this would be the perfect spot to execute my plan.

When I got to work this morning there was a yellow rock on the desk. I'm not sure if you've ever found a painted rock from Facebook but they're all over. When my co-worker came in she had a brilliant idea that I should take this rock on a hike and plant it somewhere. That idea grew and before I knew it I was planning to paint my own rocks and leave one behind after I have every adventure for the next 365 days.

#365rockdays is born.

I really liked this idea but the problem is that I'm on day 29 and I've had adventures all over the place.

With the help of my co-worker we hashed a plan for me to deliver my own rocks to all of the previous locations and from now on take a rock with me everywhere I go. I really really like the idea.

I have no problem finding rocks, or paint or colors to decorate. I washed and prepped about 60 rocks and in assembly line fashion proceeded to splash my signature rainbow on every one. I sorted and numbered them and the real work will be to backtrack to all the places I've been. This might take a few days but I'll add the rocks to the pages as it happens.

After painting and sealing them I headed out to deliver a few. The afternoon was beautiful with the autumn sunshine and I was enjoying the drive. I took a country road I've driven my whole life and stumbled upon a park I'd never been to. After a bit of research I've discovered that this place is a work in progress. This was obvious when I drove up to plant my rock. I found the map for the trails. It was a little sketchy and as I drove through, the 8 cars in the three parking lots were full of guys sitting there not really doing anything. I'm not sure if they were working or just being creepers but I got the hell out of there. I did not feel safe by myself.

I planted the rock #365rockdays. Mission accomplished but day 29 was definitely weird. If you find the rock, pick it up and plant it somewhere else. Let me know by using the hashtag 365rockdays. Oh and yes, that is a rock in my pocket.

Love & Light and watch out for the creepers.

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