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Day 27 of 365

There's a song, maybe you've heard it, "Scars to your beautiful." I'm posting it here because it really goes with what I did today.

Stop reading and watch the video below. I want you to hear the song.

When I got the idea for today's experience it wasn't about outward beauty so much as something I would never do because I don't really have an issue with that part of who I am.

I took a drive to visit a woman who does facial threading. I know, big deal right, for me it really is. I don't care about the facial hair that started growing about ten years ago. I've never had it waxed but every once in a while a really dark pointy one comes poking on my lip and my eyebrows just kinda wander all over my brow. So I pluck the little stray hairs out and move on until it comes back in about a month. That's my entire lifetime of hair removal so today's experience was a first and a jump from how I feel about my body.

The woman who ripped all my face hairs off was all business. She was funny and looked over my brow and said it's just a light cleanup. I was okay with that and thought, "sounds easy. "


If you've ever had your brow threaded you know what I mean. It's like having a tattoo on your face. It hurts and its horrible and I will never do it again. I had to stretch my forehead tight so she could do below the brow and that's when my eyes started to water uncontrollably.

I'm sure she didn't mean to be harsh but she asked if I wanted my hairy lip done too. How do you answer that question when your face is on fire?

I said yes.

HOLY SHIT, lip tattoo! It's been four hours and my lip still hurts and my left eye is still tearing. NEVER AGAIN!! People, this is some crazy torture.

Back to the beginning of today's blog post. This wasn't an experience about vanity but it ended up being a lesson in self love. This is how I'm made. Hair grows on my lip and my face and my chin and at 49 I'm really okay with it. I don't need to change that part of myself. Yes I'll still yank out those bristle-y strays that pop out monthly but my brows are my brows. I'm okay with myself. I've got a crazy list of experiences that I'm going to try in the next 300+ days and some are like this because I've just never wanted to do them until now.

Day 27 is a reminder to focus on the inside.

Love & Light

Placed rock 27 of #365rockdays.

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