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Day 26 of 365


This has been a food experience I chose not to eat on purpose. When I'm in the grocery store and I see starfruit it always seems waxy and plastic, like those fake teeth we all got as kids on halloween. It's cool when your sorting through that hoard of candy, it looks good but when you actually take a bite it's freaking wax. Why?

That's how I see starfruit. So I always said why?

Last night as we were shopping I walked through the produce section in search of my new favorite, Jackfruit. It was my day 12 adventure and I love it and since that day I have not been able to find it... anywhere.

Back to my starfruit moment. It wasn't exciting at all. I washed it and sliced it and ate it a couple different ways. I read that the skin is edible and this had an "ORGANIC" label so I ate it with skin and without and I liked it with the skin better.

My impression? It tastes a little bit like watermelon just as you get to the white part of the rind. Kinda sweet but not really flavorful. That my impression. I would definitely add it to a fruit salad to make it look cool but I can live without it. I'm not going to chase it down like the Jackfruit.

Day 26 was interesting but not really that tasty.

Love & Light

Update on my cold brew. YUMMY!!!

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