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Day 25 of 365


I know, you just read the word and now you want some. Me too. I've got a coffee problem. For the longest time I was off caffeine but I still wanted that dark roasted flavor to drink. Tea just isn't the same.

For the adventure today I wanted to try to make my latest drink of choice, cold brewed coffee. I buy one almost every day and that adds up pretty fast. It turns out that there isn't any great mystery to cold brewing coffee. I bought my favorite dark roast and ground the whole beans with a very course grind. I used about 3/4 cup of course ground beans to 4 cups of water. I mixed it all together in a big mason jar and stirred everything together. That's it. This incredibly pricey cup of cold coffee is now brewing on my kitchen counter.

It should be ready in about 12 hours. I'll taste it to see how dark it has brewed to determine if I should let it go a little longer.

Welcome to day 25. It's been a long one so I think this coffee will be a welcome wake-up on a Sunday morning.

I'll update tomorrow and let you know.

Love & Light

24 hours later and it was delicious with almond coconut creamer, vegan friendly.

SCOBY update. We have more fungus!! Mushrooms are getting big!

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