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Day 22 of 365

Today is the 22nd day of my 365 day challenge. It's a big one for me because it's the first time most of you will get to experience another part of who I am. You know I'm a writer, an artist and an author but I'm also a super Scifi fantasy nerd who gobbles up the worlds created in someone else's imagination.

My article At Geek Girl Authority

I've spent the last few months working on an article about how I watch television and how I feel about seeing myself in media, cinema and other forms of entertainment. I choose television because as far back as I can remember T.V. has had a profound influence on shaping my character. Yes, my family and friends have done that too, but I struggled to understand why I didn't see myself represented in any of them, television especially.

When Netfilx started their streaming service it changed the way we watch TV. Now we can binge an entire series in the time between two first-run episodes. It's horrible but also extremely satisfying. Why is it horrible? Instant gratification and no anticipation.

Why do you watch the things that you do? Sport is a great example. If you knew your team might never win would you still watch? Obviously yes, because there are teams that have horrible records and yet jerseys sell and there are people spending hundreds of dollars to sit in the stadiums. Why? Anticipation.

Sometimes it takes too long. As a young woman I looked for myself on television. Where are the people like me? I don't want the things that mainstream media is marketing to me. Where have the Wonder Women been or any woman who can fix her own life? Women do it every day. So I got tired because anticipation turns into disappointment and I can't imagine that something good is ever going to come. That's what I'm talking about when I say representation.

The LGBT+ community has and is living in a constant state of anticipation, looking and hoping for positive representation, and being portrayed as equally human and not just some plot device. We are all human and still governments and people in power debate whether the LGBT+ community is worthy of things the cisgender world takes for granted, ie. marriage equality, shared benefits, medical care, holding hands with your lover and walking down the street, serving in the military or buying a damn wedding cake. The list goes on and on and exists for so many reasons but mostly because "those people" are represented as less than. Today is national coming out day. It is a day of fear and joy and every emotion in between. The queer community has always been a part of who I am and the fight to be seen as human beings continues.

For my 22nd day of this 365 day adventure I wanted to interview two women who live out and proud and do their part to represent this community. Please, take a minute and try to see what I did when I watched the videos Adrienne and Marcie made and posted on Youtube. They promote a fabulous television show that airs on the SyFy channel called Wynonna Earp. If you haven't watched it my article has spoilers about the series but I'm inviting you in to an amazing and inclusive world. It's a manufactured place where women are strong, they make mistakes, fall in love, choose their family and the men don't take care of everything. It's magical. It's also filled with chaos, danger, demons and a sense of home reminding us that sometimes family isn't always connected by blood. Once you go to Purgatory (yes, that's the town's name) you'll want to stay.

I interviewed Adrienne and Marcie, two women who do an amazing job representing Wynona Earp. I pitched this article to my editor at Geek Girl Authority and it is published Here. Today is filled with many firsts but this article is the most important because from start to finish it is a significant part of who I am and I'm proud to share it. I'm inviting you to be brave, love big and to see me and the humanity of my queer family.

Happy day 22 of 365

October 11, 2017 National coming out day.

Love & Light

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