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Day 21 of 365

What is happening?

Day 21 has gone out of control. I had planned to have one adventure and then another pops right up in my face. I'm going to hold one of them until tomorrow because It's big, I mean it's really big.

Now that you can't wait until tomorrow, let's talk about goats.

Day 21 was my quest for goat's milk. When I posted a call for an opportunity to milk a cow I hadn't planned on a goat. It's not even close to being the same and now I'm happy it was a goat. I was the girliest girl I've been since I saw a mouse scurry across my barn floor.

The family who invited me in did so with amazing generosity. I am grateful. As we walked out to their barn I was greeted by their handsome stud who is currently looking for some action. It's messy business being a horny goat and it changes my mind about drinking that beer from a bottle ever again. (So many visuals)

We talked for a little while and I asked a ton of questions because I've never done this before and I'm so curious about goat farming. I'm sure every single question could have been answered by google but I would have missed out on the sights and sounds of these beautiful creatures. I really like goats. I'd say I like most animals from afar. I am not excited about getting bit by things. These beautiful creatures were wonderful. The family has two females they are milking right now so it was my chance to try it. Not a fan. Didn't like it and I suppose it was more about squeezing this poor creature's teet than anything else. She just stood there eating her feed while I was squeamish about the rest. I suppose I'd get better over time and the family assured me it gets easier. I tried for a while and got a thimble full, when the real pros took over there was about a half gallon in no time.

Officially I brought this home for my cat. She just had a litter of kittens so she could use the boost. Unofficially I did try it and it tastes exactly like goat. If you've ever been in a barn full of them, that's the flavor. Yum! I'm not disrespecting the goat milk, it's just flavorful much like game that a hunter might shoot in the wild. It's raw and hasn't been manipulated to taste like something it's not.

As adventures go I enjoyed talking with the family. They show their animals as part of the 4H program and they love them very much. Happy goats for sure.

Day 21 was pretty interesting and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Love & Light

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