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Day 19 of 365

There is so much fungus among us!

Today's adventure was meant to go

in a different direction but don't worry I've got 346 days to make it happen. On my way to this planned adventure I stopped to visit a friend. I want to preface this by saying I have surrounded myself with amazing women who are on this journey with me and aren't afraid to feed me new experiences. She asked about my adventure for the day and since it hadn't happened yet, out came a bag of fungus.

You have to understand that she is the type of person who gets me. She knew I'd be all in with this.

"How about a mug of mushroom tea?"

I've known this woman for a while. We've bonded over many things. She knew I would drink her mushroom tea. I should share that this mushroom looks like something that burned in a fire. I'm not sure why or how anyone would see this and say, "YUM, tea!" but I trust her. She pulls out a growler filled with the tea, pours a mugful and heats it up. It's dark like coffee and really doesn't smell like anything. I'm feeling pretty comfortable.

I know you're wondering what this dream fungus is. It's called Chaga and it grows near Birch trees. On they refer to this as the "King of medicinal mushrooms." Now I'm feeling quite privileged to have a small baggie full of this dried 'shroom. As I read through the website studies have shown that this tea is great for the immune system, reduces inflammation and is helpful in anti-aging and skin care. If you're interested in more please check out the site. I'm planning to brew my own batch to keep ready when I'm feeling poor.

I'm not sure I'd pick this as a favorite and if you are going to drink it I suggest doing it very hot. The colder it gets the more it tastes like the dirty fungus that it is. Just my personal perspective.

Day 19 was interesting and if you haven't noticed its the third experience involving mushrooms. Remember I've still got two kinds growing in a dark space right now. So much fungus.

Love & Light

I planted a #365rockdays rock. I hope they find it.

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