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Day 17 of 365

This 365 day journey has become an ever evolving experiment in flexibility and adaptability. From the first day I have noticed that if I plan something the universe has a way of shifting that plan in another direction.

This morning I woke up with early because although I wrote most of my blog for yesterday in the wee hours of the night, I fell asleep before actually publishing it. Bright and early I posted day 16 and decided what I would do for day 17. Friday is my regular yoga day so I wrapped myself in comfy-wear and headed to class. There are only a few types of yoga I've never tried mostly because they don't fit into my weekly schedule. This morning my plan did not include wall yoga.

The instructor today was a substitute and it excited me to finally take her class. I've been beside her in many classes but never as her student and word on the fitness street is that she will kick your yoga butt. I prepared for the asswhooping but when I entered the studio she announced that we should find a place against the wall. In this situation I'm completely compliant and set up my space. Internally I'm screaming because I wanted a workout. I've got kinks to fix.

Just like my initial thought about pickleball, wall yoga turned into something amazing and somehow the instructor and the universe lined up to work every little kink out of my aching muscles. The one thing I noticed as my butt was smashed against the wall, was that I had to really focus to do a posture and keep the right bits tight against that horizontal surface. Brain, body and breath were engaged fully, perhaps for the first time in years when it comes to yoga. This was a great lesson for me. An amazing first and a true challenge not only to my physical self but to my mental and emotional self too.

Day 17 was super bendy and I feel a renewed strength.

Love & Light

I planted the #365rockdays rock.

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