Day 9 of 365

September 28, 2017

Growing 'shrooms


The other day we talked about growing accidental mushrooms. As we speak there is fungus growing in my pantry, on purpose. Now I've got fungus growing in my basement and I'm equally as excited about that. 


I purchased a box of dirt and mushroom compost. The best combination of filthy ingredients for growing my delicious Portobellos. As I researched this magical dirt combination I discovered that it's important to wash your hands before handling your mushroom soil. I'll scratch my head on that later because I just washed my hands. 


So the very secret ingredient of this entire event is the "casing soil." I'm not sure what's in this bag but if I get delicious mushrooms from it I'll be happy. After I mix this magic soil over the pasteurized compost I just have to find a warm dark place so it can fester. Thank goodness I'm in the midwest and my house has a warm dark basement. Well it's warm for now and since my 'shrooms should grow in a couple of weeks I don't have to worry about winter.


I know you're wondering where I got my magic dirt combination. I'm lucky enough to live very close to an actual mushroom farm. Brilliant! I was able to purchase everything that I needed to get the mushrooms that I like. I'll let you know how everything grows. 


Day nine is a wait and see day.


Love & Light


UPDATE: We have progress on October 1st.

                                                                                                    I planted the #365rockdays rock.


























October 12th we have little mushrooms.














October 14th and my mushrooms are amazing. 
























On October 19th we are busting out of the box! I'm so excited.













On the 20th of October I cut the mushrooms because I'm really ready to devour these monsters.



 October 20th and I cooked the mushrooms with garlic and hemp oil. I topped it with fresh goat cheese and a side of crusty bread. This was delicious and a great adventure.
















I planted my #365rockdays rock



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