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Day 7 of 365

Purpose in paper

Have you ever walked through the journal aisle of a book store? I have so many times and as terrible as I am at keeping a journal I can't help but adore the unlimited styles and designs. I've made a few in my days as an artist. I've hand stitched paper to leather and created a cord to wrap around to give it that feel of ancient times. I don't know, maybe it's just me and my quirky ways. What I know with certainty is that I've always loved the look and the feel of hand pressed paper journals. Perhaps what fascinated me the most is the paper in the journal itself. I have always wanted to know how it's made.

Day 7 became my paper making day. I started out pretty early since I have a very full plate on this Tuesday. I'd call this adventure slightly messy, incredibly fun and a total success. Believe it or

not I made some freaking cool pieces of paper. I'm pretty excited to share the video and a few pictures that I've taken.

It's 3pm and the pages are mostly dry and I'm in love with this process. I think it might be my new addiction. You will probably see this paper show up in a future challenge adventure.

A few things I found as I was making pulp. White paper isn't always white when you pulverize it in water. My second attempt has a very blue tint to it. Also any ink in the paper is going to come out even very subtle markings on the inside of an envelope. I repurposed envelopes for this and I didn't pay attention to the lines and I'm pretty sure that's where the color comes from. I'm going to shred paper bags into the next batch and see what happens. This was a great adventure.

Day seven was a pretty good one.

Love & Light

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