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Day 5 of 365

Day five and the damage of a deer

A few weeks ago my oldest child hit a deer. We are not new to the damage of hitting them and after the incident every member of our household can now share the terror of striking an animal that can ripple steel like a sardine can. Essentially that is what my child drives, a sardine can on wheels.

That's not the 365 adventure. After hitting the deer we had a little damage left behind. Most of it was cosmetic and because the car was only going 40 miles per hour we just have to repair lights.

This is new for me. I can change a bulb in most cars but taking the front end apart to get to one single screw? I'm so excited. I spent a few minutes studying how all of this was going to come apart so that when it had to go back together there would not be extra pieces. Sounds easy, right?

So with freshly painted fingernails from my adventure yesterday, I dove in to this challenge at 6am this morning. Yep, I've got a 10:30 yoga class and my kid needs to drive this sucker to work today. I have to admit that I expected there to be problems. It's a repair job and there are going to be issues. I didn't have to worry about the frame. I asked a skilled person to check that. I didn't want to pay someone to fix these lights. How hard could it really be? I did a bit of shopping on the internet and the lights arrived in time for me to get the work done on Saturday. Perfect timing because that's when my kid comes home to visit me. Love that kid!

You already know what happened to my Saturday, so this turned in to a Sunday early morning challenge instead. You can watch the short video I made and I didn't have a camera person but you'll get the general idea. I was finished just before 8:00am and didn't swear one time. I'm calling this a success since everything was working when my kid drove away this morning.

Day 5 challenge went well and I really don't understand how large handed people can be mechanics. RESPECT!

Love & Light

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