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Endless Possibilities

A little girl dreams about building and creating. A gift at Christmas is her first 300 piece set of LEGO. No one knows how this construction set of a spaceship and landing base will change her. Every day she puts it together, she plays and she dreams. She can imagine, with the genderless miniature figure, that anything is possible.

She grows and her time on the floor "LEGO adventuring" is limited. The single set has become a Christmas tradition and the boxes live on the shelf in her closet. The lessons of possibility linger in her spirit and she believes she can become anything because her genderless explorations have no limits.

As life opens and closes doors, she discovers that society isn't as gender fluid as her LEGO playtime. She struggles and decides that the real world can be like her LEGOland if she builds it that way. Piece by piece she puts her life together. Like that plastic genderless miniature figure she defies what is for a girl and becomes. This is playing come to life. It is her time on the floor becoming reality, because nothing is impossible if you're willing to take apart what isn't working and build it a different way.

So she grows and waits for the time when she can take those dusty boxes from the shelf and lay them down on the floor for her children. She dreams her daughter will find herself that same way, but she has sons. She remembers that gender is unimportant on that living room floor and understands that the best part of her childhood happened before someone told her she couldn't.

The exciting part of parenting is opening possibilities and her boys become a part as they lay on the floor together. One brick at a time they discover that anyone can be anything if they use imagination, intelligence and dream. The shelves of their home overflow with dusty LEGO boxes. Every year they build and play. Tradition invites at least one set, no matter how big or small, and under their tree at Christmas, going round and round, is a motorized Lego train.

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