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The Rainbow chain

It's been a confusing time in the world these last few weeks. It feels like so many things are out of control. It's almost impossible to avoid the two very taboo subjects, politics and religion. I'm going to try as best I can but it feels like the two have collided and the damage feels overwhelming.

I've spent a bit of time as a supporter of the LGBTQ community. I've attended pride with my family and waved my PFLAG flag. I created art and jewelry to show my love and have sold many rainbow bracelets like the one pictured above. I've stood beside two of my very best friends to witness their marriage. Two women have never been as devoted to each other as they are. I'm proud.

The problem with all of that is I'm a straight woman with a husband and two kids, a dog and a cat. We live the dream together and work hard for it. Somehow this makes us more worthy of happiness and love than my two best friends. At any time during the day I can hold my husband's hand, pinch his cute butt and kiss him all over his face. Not one time have I ever been scoffed at or called a name or even had physical threats of harm, my friends have. Their love comes with so much fear.

So here is the taboo deal breaker. I've confronted a few of these homophobic bigots and 99% of the time it's the bible that drives their hateful reactions. This confuses me. I was raised Catholic, received the sacraments and have a strong faith in a higher power. Not one time in my childhood did someone preach to me about hating my neighbor. I remember very clearly the reminder of love coming from my priest. I'm not sure when all of that changed.

Last year when the announcement came from the supreme court that marriage equality was now federally protected, my priest gave the most hate filled homily during mass. I cried. This was the day that I lost my religion. This was the moment when I felt the full pain of judgement and hate. It came from a man who professes to be a horrible profit. I'm still confused by it. The Catholic church is desperate to hold on to the past and in the process is killing the future. I know this was not the message of any higher power.

I became an independent woman of faith that morning. I asked my maker to guide me and he led me to a place of love. I have decided that my goal is to support the LGBTQ community and services that help them. We've created a world where the gay community is less than. They are not. Enough time has been wasted trying to deny love. Why does it matter who loves who?

So I ask this. Before you open your mouth, or your bible, open your heart. See the human being. Listen to their story. Let love be the first reaction and you will come to understand that we are all just the same.

We are beings of light and love, trying to find that one who just fits.

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