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Being... Be brave

The universe gives you exactly what you need if you are willing to listen and receive it.

I found this little scroll of paper wound up tight in the top pouch of my carry on bag. I don't remember putting it there but as I was looking for my tube of chapstick, there it was tucked underneath. The reason this is so interesting is that I was sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. I had lots of time and was spending so much of it just observing; that's what I do when I'm waiting, just watch the world around me.

Why was this scroll so interesting? Because of it's message, "Trust what you feel, who you are, and what you know. Act with confidence on your intuitive guidance. Have more faith in yourself."

As I read it over and over I understood that this little bit of paper was helping me to set the tone for my upcoming promotional tour for Dear Kane. I've been nervous about this next week. I'm not very good at talking about the story I wrote or explaining why you should read this book. If I told you that just by reading it, your perspective on life would be altered. If I said it would change the way you parent your child, would you try to read beyond page 6?

So when I read this little scrap of paper I heard the message so clearly that my heart opened to the truth of Dear Kane's purpose. Dear Kane comes from a place of LOVE and I shared it from an even deeper place in my spirit. Writing puts a part of your soul to paper, and publishing puts that part of you out to the world to face judgment. Trust is important when you make the decision to do those two things. I'm trusting my readers to come with me to the place of LOVE that I created in Dear Kane.

So I am trusting how I feel about my book, and who I am as the author, and what I know reading this story will do to you. This little scroll of paper was in itself the boost of confidence that I needed for the next week of conversations. What I think is the most important part of the message is to have faith in myself, and faith that Dear Kane is changing lives. That this little 44 page story opens our eyes and our hearts to who we are meant to be and to just LOVE a little deeper and with a little less judgment.


Be Brave

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