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My First Website post

It's been years since I have written a blog post. In the past it was just a place to share my poetry. I'm not sure who might have read it but I just wanted to put it out into the universe. I believe in that. There is bravery in pouring yourself out for the world to experience. We all know that the world is full of nay-Sayers. Still, here I am.

The most exciting part of my recent life is publishing a short story. I felt it needed to be shared. I felt it was time to be brave and put out what my heart ached to share. I didn't know that writing this story was the easiest part as I struggled with it for months. Was it the right thing to say? Was it a strong message? Ultimately I let the universe guide me but now Dear Kane is out there but the readers are slow to come.

I shared Dear Kane with a small circle of friends. Many of them couldn't make it beyond the first few pages. As a writer I was frustrated because the most important part of my story is the last two pages. The very brave part for my characters. How do I encourage people to read through a difficult journey.

Dear Kane is only 50 pages depending on what type of E reader you use. As I'm writing this blog the paperback is at the second proof copy stage. I can't even express how it felt to hold that first proof copy in my hands, like the birth of my third child. So this is a short story. It won't take more than thirty minutes to read it. I've spent that much time in the grocery store. This short story is life changing. I've been told by many readers that it made them stop, just stop and take a deep breath and think about how they parent. Have they done to their own child what Kane's parents did?

The first time my youngest son read this story we talked for over an hour and a half about life, about Kane and about so many other topics that if I never sold another copy it wouldn't matter. I want that experience for every parent to happen. I want every child that even considers suicide to stop for a moment, just for one moment. There is so much bravery it that.

Being requires so much bravery, sometimes.

Next blog post will be about this photograph. This is the original picture taken by me in Colorado. This is the cover photo from Dear Kane. There is a story here. This is the raw image, no photoshop.

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