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Origin of the Maker Book 3 of The Maker Series

Origin of the Maker Book 3 of The Maker Series


Faries, Dragons, and Demons!


The journey continues into the world of magick, unbelievable creatures, and the mystery behind Wildwood and Shay’s childhood connection born from their lives in the foster care system.


Wildwood’s ability to transform demon remains into powerful evil-fighting weapons not only invokes more questions about the origin of her abilities, but empowers Shay to embrace her magick. When her mentor’s will is read, secrets are revealed and the Magick and the Maker embrace their found family. The women have their hands full now that they’ve taken on the mantles of the Maker and the Magick. While their love is stronger than ever, so are the burning questions about their lives and their future.

With the help of a beer-loving fairy named Stout and their loyal dog, Dexter, these two will uncover the roots of their power, mysteries from the past, and a dangerous foe who will put their newfound abilities to the test.

Book three of the Maker Series sees Wildwood and Shay find what they’ve been seeking—and raises questions they’ll need to answer if they’re ever to learn the truth about Bannock, their role as its guardians, and the Origin of the Maker.

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