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Mark of the Maker Book 1 of The Maker Series

Mark of the Maker Book 1 of The Maker Series


Wildwood Blackstone believed her dream of being a country blacksmith was coming true.


Life would be simple; move to Bannock, restore the abandoned carriage house into a working blacksmith shop, build a new life as a welder and artist, and finally have a place to call home. But shortly after her arrival, she discovers this truth; there are more than ghosts in Bannock. When a teenage crush and childhood friend from foster care, Shay Courtland, answers a call for help, Wildwood finds a part of her past that she longed to rediscover.

Never did she imagine Shay’s presence in her life would bring her back to the magical world she’d abandoned. As the flames of their past relationship rekindle, Wildwood, Shay, and Shay’s K-9 companion Dexter experience curious ethereal events that prompt an investigation. Through these supernatural oddities in the new place Wildwood calls home, Wildwood and Shay’s hidden abilities are exposed, taking them on an adventure to realms they’ve never known.

As the trio’s exploration of demons and evil unfolds, Bannock’s secrets are unveiled, leading them to their future and the mystery behind the Mark of the Maker.

But with these two extraordinary women, there is so much more to this story.

**Take home your copy of Mark of the Maker today and embark on this gripping demon-filled adventure!**

Mark of Maker is a queer fantasy romance and full-length supernatural adventure told in 55,000 words. This bi-romance transports fantasy fans to an exciting and unexpected world full of mystery, magic, demons, secrets, and romance.

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