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Organization Partnerships & Contributions

How are we partners? 

Every time you purchase a copy of Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said, the author donates the profit of the sale directly to Just Live, Inc. This non-profit organization spends with generosity and wisdom. The organization is staffed by volunteers and their mission is to make every dollar count. 

Save the Date
Sunday of Labor day weekend

The Labor of Love music festival is our annual fundraiser. This one day event is an amazing experience of love, compassion and celebration. Although our focus is the serious issue of depression with a concentration on suicide prevention it is also a celebration of life and the indomitable spirit displayed by survivors and the family members left behind.

Marquette University Neuroscience Research

We are only beginning to understand brain science and mental health. Just Live, Inc is a non profit organization whose focus is finding answers to the question... Why?

In 2018 Just Live donated $40,000 to Marquette University to fund Neuroscience research.

Marquette University Neuroscience Research
Hopeline Suicide Prevention hotline

Hopeline is a 24 hour 7 days a week person-to-person text hotline. Just Live helps to fund this free service available nationwide. You are never alone.

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