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She Believed She Could:

A journey of self discovery, one day at a time

What can you do in a single day?

Why haven’t you done it yet?

Jump out of your comfort zone and dive into life as you follow the author

on her journey to achieve 365 new experiences in 365 days.

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Immortal Human Truth

Published: May 2017

A collection of poetry and short essays about love, loss, hope and survival.

Inspired by experiences with family and friends as I traveled to promote

my first published story.

Immortal Human Truth Cover 1:2020.jpg

'Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said'

Published: February 2016



Are the words that we say in front of our children something that builds

them up or tears them down? This short story explores the consequences

of hatred and bigotry when it applies, unknowingly, to someone

that you love. There is a time in every relationship when a parent must

let go of the dreams they have for their child, so that child can chase

after what they dream to become.

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