Day 365 of 365

September 19, 2018

This is it. 



For the last 365 days I have lived with a vision. I’ve been focused on a task. So much has been learned and experienced. 


To be honest I’m a little exhausted. 


For my 365th experience I spent the day alone on Lake Geneva having my very first stand up paddle board adventure. 


I was hesitant to face the water without a companion but then I realized it was exactly as it should be. This has been a very personal year that I have shared very publicly. It was not what I'd planned on day one but here I am, different.

In February I got a certificate for kayaking or stand up paddle boarding. Since I had a kayak adventure on day 233 the decision for paddle boarding was made.


The entire experience... amazing and when I do this again I hope it's as magical. I hoped that I would be able to ride on this paddle board even if I didn't make it to a standing position. The water around the dock was shallow and so clear that once I hit deep part I was distracted by what was below me.


When I got to my feet I was excited. The lake was calm and there were only a few boats on the water. I couldn't have picked a better day. 


I paddled for a while and felt an overwhelming calm come around me and it felt perfect. I only wish I'd had a fishing pole and the ability to cast from this wobbly board.


My 365 day journey began with the words that another author had written and when I read it I had no idea how different I would be. After living with such intention to be better, to do better and to get a little uncomfortable the reward feels as magical as the lake water path I took.


Day 365


Love & Light


I planted my final #365rockdays rock.














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