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Day 360 of 365

How do you catch a unique squirrel?

Unique up on it.

Today was exciting like the wiener mobile was exciting. I wasn’t looking for an adorable little creature to cross my path but it did.

On my 360th day I had a black squirrel encounter.

Don’t poo poo this. I’m a changed woman. I had no idea black squirrels existed and now I’m ridiculously fascinated by them.

The first sighting happened on a side street in Battle Creek Michigan and I thought I was going to jump out of the moving car to catch it.

After the initial shock of a black squirrel sighting I knew I needed to capture one of these creatures on video.

The hunt was on and like magic there was another poised to frolic across my path.

I’m squealing at the thought of this adorable creature and I don’t really even like squirrels.

The rest of my day in Michigan could have gone anywhere after my fuzzy creature encounter and it just got better.

I got to put my hands on an amazing weaving loom. Although I didn’t get to use it the promise of returning to do it was all I needed.

Day 360

Love & Light

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