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Day 347 of 365


Baskets are not my thing. I don't have many of them and what I do have came to me as gifts. The rustic style just doesn't appeal to me.

I have wanted to weave a bramble basket since late last fall but all of my blackberry bushes were dried and impossible to use for weaving. If I know anything about making baskets it's that the materials need to be flexible.

Day 347 was my bramble basket weaving adventure.

I went out to my mosquito farm to ramble amongst the bramble.

I just want to pause for a PSA. I'll suggest one thing if you plan to attempt the bramble basket. Unless you want the tint of blood on your finished project wear gloves to cut and clean your vines.

As I was rambling and swatting mosquitoes I found a beautiful patch of raspberry bushes, the berries long gone I was left with what felt like an abundance of material to work with.

I was so wrong.

I cut 7 foundation sticks that I would use as the base to start the weave. My first go around was a terrible disaster. I may have had enough to work with if I didn't start again.

I'll admit this sucker is ugly but functional.

I'm still a little proud of the final result because if I did stumble upon a bush filled with berries I could pick and contain them in today's creation.

Day 347

Love & Light

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