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Day 346 of 365

This just blows

Remember 8 years old, music class, the noise from a recorder?

Today was worse.

In 2005 I visited Australia and learned how to play the Didgeridoo from an extraordinary aboriginal man. I own that instrument and occasionally I make the dying elephant noise that made him cringe. My cats run and hide because the vibration of the sound freaks them out.

On my 346th day I attempted to play the bagpipes.

The experience was tragic for my household. My cats are in hiding and my humans have filled their ears with cotton. This was bad. I am not a bagpiper.

My oldest kid has a practice cantor which is very similar to the recorder we all played in grade school. I followed the instructor on the web and learned immediately that I have little to no feeling in the fleshy part of my fingers which makes it very difficult to play because no feeling, no music... dying elephant that stepped on a lego brick sound.

Bagpipes aren't for everyone. The way I played them today is for NOONE!

The practice cantor is a learning instrument and after making a lot of "noise" I was able to create the sounds that a bagpipe makes. I felt accomplished. Remember that recorder from second grade? I pulled out the "Hot Crossed Buns" sheet music and played. The video is mostly painful and I'm embarrassed to say that attempting to use the air filled arm pumping instrument didn't get easier.

Day 346

Love & Light

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