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Day 345 of 365

So much wiener

I’m conflicted about today’s adventure.

I hate hotdogs but I love the Wienermoblie. Truth about the experience today... I saw that vehicle and I did a solid hard u-turn to go back and get near it. I wanted a picture.

Why the obsession?

It reminds me of my childhood and the Oscar Mayer wiener song.

Just watch!

Don't Judge.

I'm sorry that this jingle will be stuck in your head until you listen to that song from Aladdin.

I had another plan for today that'll work well for tomorrow because it was an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile afternoon.

Have you ever been inside of this delightful national treasure?

In my opinion hot dogs are nasty and I'm probably offending half of my Vego friends by singing the Oscar Mayer song but...


My youngest kid was along and explained to the staff members how excited I was and shared my 365 day adventures. When I told them this was day 345 they let me INSIDE!

"Just don't sit in the driver's seat."

I was like a kid in a wienermobile. I got my sticker and a whistle and I felt like I was ten again.

Today was ridiculous and childish and AMAZING!

Day 245

Love & Light

I was so excited I forgot to leave a #365rockdays rock. I'll have to make up for it later.

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