Day 338 of 365

August 24, 2018

A labor of love



Today's experience isn't something that was on the list of adventures but I had a great time doing it. There's a story here so you might want to get a cup of tea.


A few years ago I published my first book, Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said. Inspired by a mother's loss, this story explores the old rhyme about sticks and stones and broken bones. 


I've used this story as a teaching tool and also to raise funds to bring awareness to the fight against depression and suicide.


What does that have to do with today? 

On my 338th day I learned how to frame a painting.  


Today was a bit complicated and challenging even after so many experiences. I wanted this to match the perfection of the artwork it was surrounding. My biggest dilemma, finding a frame that the painting would fit in. 


The rest of my adventure involved foam board and staples and what seemed like an endless twisting of framing wire.


I had two goals in mind, a frame and a result that would hang the painting straight. I was excited to accomplish both. As a side note, kudos to people who build custom frames. They have the patience of angels, particularly for consumers who don't know what they want. 


I thought about putting up a picture of the framed project but if you really want to see it come to the fund raiser/ music festival where it will be a part of our auction. 


Day 338 was picture perfect.


Love & Light

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