Day 331 of 365

August 17, 2018

Marketing without a cart.



I felt like today’s experience had great potential. 


On the 331st day I attended my very first Digital Marketing seminar.


I had this idea that I would get to network in a classroom. I loaded up my backpack with copies of my books, a healthy stack of business cards and promotional materials. 


The reality of this experience is a little bit, well almost completely the opposite.


When I arrived at the site of adventure number 331 I was disappointed that it was at the beach. I'm not kidding. There was sand and canopies and food trucks. 


It felt like I set myself up for failure. As I read through the ad for today's event I realized that it was part of a series of seminars and that mine was being hosted by a pop-up beer garden. This was 100% my first adventure with a pop-up anything let alone a beer garden. There were no plants in the sand and because this was meant to be a 365 adventure I didn't have any beer.


The problem with an event at the beach is the noise produced by the people who are drinking beer and don't give a crap about digital marketing.


I tried to listen closely but I felt like a frontiersmen with the funnel hanging out of their ear as a hearing aid. If I'm lucky I heard every 4th word.


I listened to all four panelists and although some were more articulate than others they did offer great resources and suggestions. I walked away feeling like this wasn't a waste of time. 




Day 331


Love & Light



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