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Day 328 of 365

Untangled the tangles

I’m filling in the last 37 days with things I’ve put on the time consuming/messy list.

Day 328 was an artistic adventure with ink and string.

On day 7 I learned how to make paper by hand. For many days after I squeezed about a dozen sheets from watery pulp and now I’ve got over 100 unique hand pressed pages.

I had so many plans to make cards and art pieces using repurposed materials and my mother’s crafty ideas. Today is the perfect day to put my paper to the test.

I pulled out all of the artist's ink from day 3, learning to create with a glass pen. I mixed up a batch of colors using red, yellow and blue.

Today's adventure isn't complicated but it is unpredictable. I soaked twelve inches of embroidery thread in the ink and draped it over the paper, smashed it between the pages of a book and pulled the string out. These sheets have an interesting texture from the screen pressing process and I hoped that the ink would settle in the little nooks and crannies.

I wouldn't call it a perfect success but I am happy with the final results. I've got plenty of pages to play with.

Day 328

Love & Light

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