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Day 327 of 365

I'm judging this YUKKY!

I feel very duped by my experience today. I shopped for what I thought would be a delicious treat and a 100% new experience.

On day 327 I opened what appeared to be hazelnut candy. The label (written in another language) had pictures of whole hazelnuts so why would I think there was goo inside? I guess I could have googled it but why? It was going to be a great treat because it had HAZELNUTS!

I adore hazelnuts and especially surrounded by chocolate. The label on this little cone of wonder reads Jedan Je Eurocrem Mini Kornet. What the hell does it mean? I have no clue but the picture made me believe it would be a paper cone filled with delicious nuts and maybe chocolate.

After googling it I discovered the marketing pitch is, "ice cream without the cold! This cone is filled with milk and cocoa cream for the ultimate sweet treat without any of the cold!"


Who does that? Why didn't I google it at the store? Why is there a picture of a Hazelnut on the package? So many questions are unanswered when I unwrap this little treasure. First it is cone shaped because this mess is held together inside a sugar cone. Remember, ice cream without the cold?

I call bullshit.

This is the inside of an American Kinder Surprise without the flaky balls. Nothing about this is a treat or resembles ice cream. It's so much like nutella that I ate one bite and could not have any more. The ingredients are listed in microscopic font after that google search I read that it contains 4% hazelnuts.

4%, the paper wrapper is going to have more nuts than the entire cone.

I took a bite out of the bottom to see if maybe there was a secret nut inside.

Nope, no nut.

I sliced the cone down the middle in hopes of finding anything that resembled the nut.


Those nuts have been liquified and added to the brown goo in this 50/50 crema cocoa concoction. It was a total bust. If a person wants ice cream just go to Dairy Queen or a local grocery freezer. If you're so afraid of the cold part of ice cream maybe have a glass of warm milk?

Day 327

Love & Light

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