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Day 325 of 365

This was so on fire

Today is an odd day. I woke up with no idea what I was going to do as an adventure. I have 40 more opportunities to flex the “I’ve never done this before” muscles and I’m excited and sad.

Today’s adventure was accidental and an absolute first.

On day 325 I made gun powder art.

If I wasn’t an artist before today this experience would have solidified my creative street cred.

I opened up a half dozen shotgun shells and removed the gun powder from inside. My original plan was to draw a long line and create some kind of boom at the end.

The art was so much better.

It did take a little bit of time to sketch my design with the powder. It moves around like sand and started to pick up static. I switched to metal tools and the problem was mostly solved.

As experiences go this is one I will definitely do again.

Day 325

Love & Light

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